March 31, 2010

The 2003 Davis Award Nominations come out, along with a New Review and more!

Yes, there's plenty on the Main Page of The Awards Circuit for everyone to check out. First up, in anticipation of the ACCA 2003 nominations being announced soon, we've got our fearless leader's Davis Award nominations. Go here to see his nominees and let us know what yours would be!
We also have a new review of the animated hit How To Train Your Dragon. All of the recent reviews updates can be found here, and be on the lookout for more to come real soon!
Next up is a small update to the Tracker page, found here. As the year progresses, the list will fill up quick, so keep an eye on it.
Finally, for all you American Idol fans, there's top 10 commentary right here for you to check out and comment on. The show is slowly winding down (I think), so keep track of who might be the latest star!
-Thoughts on the Davis Awards, new review, tracker, and Idol update?


  1. thoughts on the tracker- so far this year there really only has been 1 movie-shutter island

    do you guys think it should have make up on the tracker- with movies like young victoria getting nominated i thought shutter island had very good makeup work

    id like to think pierce brosnan could get a supporting push for the ghost writer to, and i loved desplats score for that film as well

  2. It's certainly something to consider...

  3. also what about alice in wonderland for costumes, makeup, visual effects or art direction?

  4. That's up to Clay, though I'd guess that the poor reviews hurt its chances, but who knows? I'm sure he'll add them in at some point. Feel free to email and suggest them.

  5. im not all that passionate about alice, it was ultimately a failure in my eyes, but a pretty one.

    Im just confused he has it in his predictions but not on the tracker

  6. I can't speak for him, but I just assume he was more concerned with getting the Animated category started. It's only the second Tracker update. There will be more, and I'm sure all worthy films will be included in time...

  7. I don't understand people's obsession with calling Keisha Castle Hughes a SUPPORTING ACTRESS for Whale Rider when she's clearly the protagonist!! It's illogical!! First the SAG in 2004 and now you?! I don't get it. It's like calling Melanie Laurent supporting just because of her little screen time. You just have to look on Wikipedia and read a protagonist is "...around whom the events of the narrative's plot revolve and with whom the audience is intended to share the most empathy." KEISHA-CASTLE-freakin-HUGHES. Not the grandpa, not the uncle, KEISHA. PAIKEA. The actual WHALE RIDER.

    Maybe -and just maybe- Clayton put her there to avoid snubbing her since the Lead category was pretty crowded (I'd have sacrificed Charlize Theron, but maybe that's just because I haven't seen her film complete and I loved the other 4 performances to death, Jennifer's the saddest snub in the history of everything: but I'd have been better to have a tie and have 6 actresses nominated rather than category fraud.


  8. I can't speak for Clayton, so I can only say, I'm sure he had his reasons...