March 31, 2010

Today's Trailers: Knight and Day, Survival of the Dead, and [Rec] 2

First up is a slightly new look at the seemingly fun action flick with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz that goes by the name of 'Knight and Day':

Next is a new Red Band look at George A. Romero's latest zombie flick 'Survival of the Dead':

Finally, we continue the undead/horror theme with the sequel to the Spanish zombie flick [Rec], ingeniously titled '[Rec] 2':



  1. I just can't stomach Tom Cruise any more. And if the efx are as crap in the film as they are in the trailer (close up on motorbike in running of bulls) then it's just not going to rock my world.

  2. I'm interested in seeing it, but some of that was a little "meh", indeed. I still love Tom Cruise though, and James Mangold is an excellent filmmaker as well, so we'll see...

  3. Yea, I think it looks like a lot of fun. And James Mangold is a very talented filmmaker. He's also turned what some may consider to be cliche projects (a music biopic and an action-oriented Western) into great films.

    I've always thought Tom Cruise is a great actor, especially given very good material. He's proven time and time again that he can handle all kinds of material, and I think he looks really good in this, as does Cameron Diaz.