March 8, 2010

The Awards Circuit - Post Oscars Talk

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  1. Looking forward to all the new updates on the site.

  2. btw Miles in response to them picking the presenters out of a hat (when introducing the top ten pictures)

    They were usually the actors who had ties with the director's last big movie at the oscars

    for example

    bates did Avatar (in titanic)
    travolta did Basterds (pulp fiction)
    jackson did Up (incredibles)

    a bit odd... but there was a connection I saw :)

  3. Yeah, I did start to see that connection after a while. It was just a little jarring to see Samuel L. Jackson walk onstage accompanied by the cheery theme from Up, or to see Kathy Bates introduce the big bombastic sci-fi epic. Incidentally, I did deeply appreciate that Keanu Reeves introduced the one big "drug" movie of the night (Hurt Locker).

  4. Clayton, except for the "suck it" part (just kidding okay?), u should be incorporated among the golden gurus. u dont need me to tell u how great u did this year, it was my first year following the season and ur predix were my confident source among the net. Keep on ur hard work!

  5. Hey boys, great podcast. Listened the whole way through and agreed with mostly all comments. As one of the people who can "suck it" I stand in awe of your wisdom Clayton. You did call this year big time. I was so sure an Iraq War film would never win against an Epic film like Avatar, but I forget we're living in the 2000s and not the 90s anymore.

    I'm sure you guys all know by now or have figured it out but Sean Penn was going on about Robin Wright Penn not being acknowledged and the fact he forgot to thank her both years. AND YET he still didn't really thank her. Hahaha.

    Great podcast. Look forward to the 2010/2011 race.