March 11, 2010

Clint Eastwood to make a J. Edgar Hoover biopic his next film?

So it seems, and it's a script by Dustin Lance Black of 'Milk' fame as well. Here's the story in The Hollywood Reporter:

Clint Eastwood is lining up his next directing project, a biopic of controversial FBI director J. Edgar Hoover.

Eastwood is teaming with Brian Grazer and Ron Howard's Imagine Entertainment on the pic, which was initially set up at Universal, where Imagine has been developing it. Dustin Lance Black, who wrote biopic "Milk," penned the script.

Hoover was instrumental in founding the FBI in 1935 and turned it into an efficient crimefighting organization. He remained its director until his death in 1972, but his sculpted persona was already coming apart at the seams; he employed the FBI to harass political activists and used illegal methods to make secret files on leaders. Many biographies also assert the man was a closeted homosexual and cross-dresser.

The Hoover project isn't set up at a studio, though it will most likely end up at Warner Bros., where Eastwood and his Malpaso shingle are based, as a Malpaso-Imagine production. Malpaso's Robert Lorenz also would serve as a producer in addition to Eastwood and Grazer.

There is a small connection between Hoover and the studio: Warners hired Hoover to act as a consultant on its 1959 movie "The FBI Story" and on the ABC spinoff series "The F.B.I."

Eastwood, who is in post on his drama "Hereafter," worked with Imagine in 2008 on the 1920s-set Angelina Jolie drama "The Changeling."

-This has a lot of potential...thoughts?


  1. say what you will about his movies but im impressed at his out put of movies at his age, seems hes just having a good time and the whole searching for oscar gold is an old complaint. also about howl being in the predicted 10 i dont think so
    but i could be wrong...

  2. I don't expect much from Howl either, but we'll see eventually...

  3. I'm having a difficult time thinking of who could play Hoover, but it would help if we knew what time period of his life this is going to be.