March 12, 2010

Today's Posters: New looks at Kick-Ass and Toy Story 3!



  1. Official cast order for "Mother and Child" as per Sony Classics' official website

    Naomi Watts, Annette Bening, Kerry Washington, Jimmy Smits, and Samuel L Jackson

    Ms. Watts is the clear lead of the film and was promoting it in the lead actress category at TIFF, SBIFF, Sundance....etc. Ms. Bening is supporting the most 2nd lead and was absent from the above promotional tour.

    Best Actress: Naomi Watts (Mother and Child)

    Best Supporting Actress: Annette Bening (Mother and Child)

  2. I'm really excited about Kick Ass, and kinda axious about Toy Story 3. It could fail on every level. But then again, it's Pixar, they can do no wrong. Right?

  3. Well Hr. Cules, I have both scripts, and have read Kick-Ass, so expect fun things from that one...

  4. I just wanted to say that i just LOVE the Toys Story franchise. Its adorable, witty, charming,...

    Love it. Deserves a best pic nom, even if it hasnt been released :D

  5. Well, it's in a good position. No promises, but if it's good, it looks to be more likely to get in than not...

  6. I just can't get excited about Kick-Ass. It doesn't look even remotely interesting to me. Just looks like a lazy frat-boy humor mash-up of Superbad and Watchmen, but not in a good way.

    Toy Story 3, on the other hand, I could not be more excited for. I'm not 100% sure where they'll go with this one, but I'm super excited about anything Pixar makes (minus Cars)

  7. Kick-Ass reads really well as a script. As a movie, we'll see. My script review of it should be up soon...