March 12, 2010

Behold our 2010 Preview article and some new reviews!

If you're curious what to look out for this year, look no further than our annual 2010 preview article, found here. Feel free to let us know what else to include, but enjoy the article regardless, as a lot of work went into it by Myles.
Also, we have a bunch of new reviews for you. Check out our take on The Ghost Writer, From Paris with Love, and The Crazies, along with more reviews hitting soon (including Cop Out and The Exploding Girl), so stay tuned (and check out all the reviews in the database here)!
-Thoughts on the article and reviews?


  1. I was excited for a decent Keira Knightley year with London Boulevard and Never Let Me Go, but both of the scripts were just truly awful.
    I bring this up since Never Let Me Go was on the 15 To Watch List...

  2. I've heard that Never Let Me Go has tested pretty well, but we'll see...

  3. Where do you go to hear things like that?

  4. Depends on the situation. First-hand comes from people who email me to tell me these things. Second-hand and beyond comes from conversations with people I know on the industry, and even the occasional Aint It Cool News early review...

  5. Joey/Miles
    Great List! ...
    here some more stuff thats on my 2010 list:
    the runaways
    bornt to be a star
    the deathly hallows
    I love u philip morris

  6. I've been hearing some amazing things about the work Sheen and Bello do in Beautiful Boy. It would be a mistake to overlook it.

  7. I saw Get Low at TIFF and I doubt it'll be in contention for BP/BD unless they've made some changes. It feels like the type of nonthreatening film you could show to an elementary school class.

    Duvall is the film's best shot. I wouldn't count on Murray even though he is good. Sissy Spacek is very good but her role is a little small.