March 17, 2010

American Idol Top 12 Recap

Visit the American Idol Season 9 Page and read the Performance Recaps for Rolling Stones Week. Eliminations will be on Wednesday, and coming on Thursday another Past American Idols Interview with Season 8 Contestant Kristen McNamara.


  1. The night started off well, and I really enjoyed the first three performances but after that it just went downhill fast for me. I didn't like any of the others at all, except for parts of Shioban's and I guess Crystal was pretty good. This year is really weak, especially after last week when the only two performers that I actually was looking forward to hearing again were eliminated. Unless somebody picks up their game, I'll probably just stop watching after next week.

  2. Reading Clay's stuff almost makes me want to watch the show...almost.

  3. Oh Joey you must start watching. It's actually surprisingly decent for a live reality show and they've done well to get away from making it drag so much or be too painful. The past three years have been a MAJOR improvement on the old format. Just skip the results show except the last five minutes.

    I agree with Clayton in that Siobhan is now the favourite. She is becoming the female equivilant of Adam Lambert and with the show needing a female winner, she's certainly spicing it up with her odd, odd, odd personality and humungus voice. Also agree that Lacey will probably go home but I think it should be Tim Urban, who just doesn't get what he should be doing.

    Though I must disagree with his comments for Aaron Kelly. Having not been a fan I was shocked to see him really sing and sing well. He's no Siobhan or Crystal, but he saved himself for another week for sure.

    Last night surprised and proved, this might be an interesting series after all. Unlike previous series we are getting to watch ok artists, become sensational ones, as opposed to other series where we watch good artists get boring. Looking forward to the results :D