March 18, 2010

American Idol Interview: Kristen McNamara

In Season 8 of American Idol we saw outstanding talent fall by the wayside with the likeness of Felicia Barton, Ju'Not Joyner, Brent Keith and Ricky Braddy. Among that list is the beautiful and talented Kristen McNamara, the big voice bombshell, who unfortunately is best known for her drama-full antics with her group members during the Hollywood rounds.

One of the best things about Kristen is how unrestrained she is. She doesn't sugercoat anything for you. In this interview about her time on Idol and her future plans with her fellow contestants Tatiana del Toro and Nick "Normund Gentile" Mitchell and their upcoming reality show pilot, Kristen lays it all out. She speaks about her being pushed to be something she wasn't by the judges, one of which is a country singer, which she is not anymore.

She also spills a little secret that may explain some of the sour taste Season 8 put in many viewers' mouths. Give a listen...

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