March 18, 2010

What are your favorite movie rants?

Well, Alternative Reel (the whole article is found here) lists these 10 as being the best:

10. Blake- Glengarry Glen Ross
9. Mike- Swingers
8. Will Hunting- Good Will Hunting
7. Jim Young- Boiler Room
6. Monty Brogan- 25th Hour
5. Travis Bickle- Taxi Driver
4. Neil Page- Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
3. Arthur Kirkland- ...And Justice for All
2. Bluto- Animal House
1. Howard Beale- Network

-Which do you like/which would you add?


  1. John Malkovich--Burn After Reading.
    Chevy Chase--Christmas Vacation.

    To name a couple...

  2. Alanso Harris - Training Day... my favorite of all time.

  3. It still amazes me just how prophetic Network ended up being thirty years later.

  4. Agreed about Network.

    The fact that Boiler Room is considered better than Glengarry is an absolute embarrassment considering how much of a rip-off it is of the very scene.