March 10, 2010

Wall Street 2 gets bumped...

...from April to September, according to this quick story in The Hollywood Reporter:

Fox is bumping Oliver Stone's Wall Street sequel to the fall.

"Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" will be released on Sept. 24 instead of April 23 as previously planned. Michael Douglas reprises his role from the franchise original, with Shia LaBeouf co-starring in the sequel.

-Is this a sign of confidence or a show of no-faith?


  1. You could be optimistic and think this means it's getting an Oscar push, or you could be slightly more realistic and think that this means they're trying to bury it. We'll find out in the fall now, it seems...

  2. I haven't seen the original yet. The ONLY thing that has me hesitant about the sequel is Shia... Slightly off-topic, but I like the current poll :) Maybe have one similar during the first week of each new month??

  3. Thanks, and we do have this poll every month, I just skipped January and February to focus on the Oscars and since it was slightly slim pickings. The April one will run at the end of this month (I like to have the poll end if possible before any of the movies open).

  4. I bet they want to squeeze in Carey in the supporting category

  5. I wouldn't bet any money on that, but who knows...