December 30, 2009

Editor's Picks of the Decade

The final in the series of the Best of the Decade by The Awards Circuit Editor, Clayton Davis is HERE.



  1. These have all been fascinating insights into your favs but I have to say I do love Clayton's the most. A wonderful line up of ten amazing films from this decade. LOTR is a true classic no matter whether you are a fan or not and YES Sean Astin's snub was inexcusable.

    Eternal Sunshine, Monsters Inc and Pan's Labyrinth are all fantastically underrated films and for those who haven't yet, go back and watch Mystic River and The Hours again to realize how much they continue to resonate as great films today.

    All very cool lists. Great work guys.

  2. I'm behind Clayton's picks too. I'm glad he recognized The Hours(he is right - the best trio of female performances of the decade) and LOTR.

  3. Sean Penn must have been good in Mystic River. Getting both the 5th best performance, and the 11th best for that role :D

    And still I just can not get my head around the lack of recognition Eternal Sunshine got from the Academy. Million Dollar Baby was good, but not THAT good!

  4. I'd try to steer away from calling anything (performances, writing, etc.) the "best" of the decade. It's too definitive, and does not capture the inherent subjectivity in list making. With that said, I like the list a lot. I enjoyed all of those films, and will include most of them in my top movies of the decade.

  5. Well, I'm really not too sure about Chicago or Monsters Inc. being among the best films of the decade but other than that a gr8 list Clayton.
    I totally agree with ur #1 choice...if i had to decide it would be between Return of the King,Pan's Labyrinth and Let the Right One In.

  6. All good lists. My top 10 would be:

    10. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
    9. Crash
    8. WALL-E
    7. Moulin Rouge!
    6. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    5. Memento
    4. Mystic River
    3. The Dark Knight
    2. In Bruges
    1. Brokeback Mountain

  7. What I just noticed was the lack of Crash in any of the editors Best Films lists. Not even in the Honorable Mentions. Do people really not like it? Or was it just forgotten?

    Personally I thought it was a pure classic and won BP not because people didn't want Brokeback to win but cos people who saw it felt it was a far better film, me being one. And thats not easy to say cos I'm Australian and it's hard not to support Heath no matter what! Haha.

    Very interesting.

  8. 1) I remember leaving Crash (pre-hype) and being impressed.

    2) As soon as Nicholson came out to present Big Picture, Crash was a lock. He is Hollywood and that movie's setting was Hollywood *aka LA*.

    3) It is still a good movie. But it's message and the power of it's rather shocking ending (especially with Dillon's scene) don't stick as much - for me - in multiple viewings.

    4) Brokeback's raw emotion and the scene with Heath and Jake's just sticks with you. Regardless of your sexual orientation (I'm happily married to my wife). It almost makes you feel hollow.

    I like your insight. I also love how this blog - in particular - is filled with commenters, editors, writers, and others who all respect each other's opinions.

    That is why yours is both valid and well thought out.

    If I were to make a top 10 (man, where do I have the guts to start?), Crash wouldn't be in it...but I'd def give it a second thought in the 10-25 range.

    And that's just me...

    PS: What really upset me was Heath losing so easily to Hoffman in Capote. That was a caricature of a notable person with a notable personality. It didn't have the depth of Jamie Foxx in Ray...nor...the range of Ledger in Brokeback.

  9. I disliked Crash intensely, but that's just my opinion (and why it's nowhere on my list)...

  10. Crash was an all encompassing melodrama that portrayed race relations in the most trite and artificial way. It lacked intellectual depth, and some of the characters were cartoonish. I thought the directing and editing were the best part about it, but the script was too clumsy in its efforts. It wanted to say too much, and ended up not saying much at all.

  11. Also, Crash is my ex-girl's favorite movie. But, that has nothing to do with my hatred.

  12. I agree as well with Crash. Only thing about it I really enjoyed was Michael Pena's performance

  13. regarding best actors, in my opinion Ill change the last 2 options, for sean penn in Milk and Philip Seymour Hoffman in Capote