December 31, 2009

We at The Awards Circuit prepare to put a bow on 2009...

...while we look towards some exciting changes in 2010! Have a fun (and safe) night and we'll see you next year (or next decade, if you prefer).
-Happy New Year in advance from all of us at The Awards Circuit!


  1. Hope you all have a wonderful New Year too! I will be duly reading in the next year as always.

  2. Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all editors and members of the Award Circuit staff for their incredible and dedicated work not just in the field of the Oscars but in film in general. Your love of film and everything that comes with it is truly admirable and greatly appreciated by all loyal viewers.

    In particular I wanted to say a massive thank you to Joey for this blog. You're constant informed, unbiased opinions and up to date facts keep us all looking like personal movie databases. Your dedication to all things film make this, in my opinion, one of the leading sources anywhere, for everything movies.

    So thanks guys for all the hard work and everything you do. This is a truly fantastic site and here's hoping that 2010 is just as great a year for all of you as 2009 was. Thanks.

  3. It's my pleasure sir. We do it for love of the game, as it were, and the occasional thank you makes it all worth it!

    I try my best to be unbiased (though we all have our moments) and keep things in perspective. I like to think of it somewhat like teaching a class. You want to provide information and stimulate conversation in an entertaining way, while not making your own opinion law. I hope that I'm successful.

    Thanks again!