December 29, 2009

Today the SAG ballots got mailed out to members... you can read here. Yet another voting body is going to begin deciding on what's awards worthy this year, so let the speculation begin...or continue to begin.
-What (or whom) do you think will do well with SAG?


  1. 1) Ruby Dee's ridiculous win mars the SAGs for me for another year or two. (I put a multi-year hex on them.)

    2) This is also when I thought Rourke would overtake Penn, after this win.

    3) I think Renner's best "dark horse" chance is here.

    4) Mulligan needs this one a LOT to overcome the power and aura of Meryl Streep.

  2. Wow. I totally mist-typed.

    It was after the Golden Globes that I nudged Rourke over Penn. It was the SAGs that reminded me Penn would win.

    My bad(ness).