December 31, 2009

Roger Ebert's Best of the Decade

  1. Synecdoche, New York (2008)
  2. The Hurt Locker (2009)
  3. Monster (2004)
  4. Juno (2007)
  5. Me and You and Everyone We Know (2005)
  6. Chop Shop (2008)
  7. The Son (2002)
  8. The 25th Hour (2003)
  9. Almost Famous (2000)
  10. My Winnipeg (2008)

and 10 runners up, alphabetically:

  • Adaptation (2002)
  • The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call, New Orleans (2009)
  • City of God (2002)
  • Crash (2004)
  • Kill Bill Vols.1 and 2 (2003 + 2004)
  • Minority Report (2002)
  • No Country for Old Men (2007)
  • Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)
  • Silent Light (2009)
  • Waking Life (2001)


  1. glad to see "Me and You and Everyone We Know" up there. It made my list too.

  2. Hmm--certainly an eclectic list. I say Bravo for being original Ebert!

  3. Ebert is less consistent than I remember. What I mean is, he isn't catering to one movie-type and doesn't have to fall in love with the same mainstream-esque movies a lot of national critics do.

    Props to him.

    I really really need to see The 25th Hour again.

    Kudos to The Hurt Locker. It may not have the lasting lifetime appeal of an Avatar, but it should be studied for its editing and its angle within this second Iraqi-conflict in film classes for years to come.

    I teach 8th grade and I'd love to find an excuse to legitimately show it and debate it.

    Oh well...

  4. Posted my fav. movies before, here's the rest of list as per the contributor's leads


    Guy Pearce in Memento
    Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast
    Barry Pepper in 25th Hour
    Daniel Day Lewis in Gangs of New York
    Ben Kingsley in House of Sand and Fog
    Clive Owen in Closer
    Hal Holbrook in Into The Wild
    Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood
    Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men
    Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight
    Colin Farrell in In Bruges
    Christoph Waltz in Inglourious Basterds


    Robin Wright Penn in Unbreakable
    Viola Davis in Solaris
    Charlize Theron in Monster
    Laura Linney in The Life of David Gale
    Uma Thurman in Kill Bill
    Emma Thompson in Love Actually
    Julie Christie in Away From Her
    Sally Hawkins in Happy Go-Lucky
    Rachel Weisz in The Fountain
    Bailee Madison in Brothers


    Steven Soderbergh for Traffic
    Christopher Nolan for Memento
    Richard Kelly for Donnie Darko
    Quentin Tarantino for Kill Bill
    Tony Scott for Man on Fire
    Sean Penn for Into the Wild


    Donnie Darko
    Kill Bill
    Little Miss Sunshine
    A Scanner Darkly
    V for Vendetta
    In Bruges
    Vicki Christina Barcelona
    (500) Days of Summer
    Inglorious Basterds
    Into The Wild

  5. Myles, he was going to leave it off his list, then he remembered you loved it, and it gave him the strength to keep up with it! haha, also happy new year in advance to all...

  6. I've been pondering my 10 best of the decade list for a few days, so here it is:

    1. Pan's Labyrinth
    2. United 93
    3. LOTR Trilogy
    4. Into the Wild
    5. Memento
    6. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
    7. The Incredibles
    8. The Pianist
    9. Children of Men
    10. Once

    One more comment: I still don't know what to do with Antichrist. It shocked me, scared me, moved me deeply and then left me wondering what it meant (if anything). If my experience with Breaking the Waves is any indicator, I will probably be thinking about von Trier's latest film for a dozen years. The question is, does memorableness make the movie "good?" (I know I'm not the only one asking this question).

  7. my List

    1. Almost Famous (2000)
    2. The Dark Knight (2008)
    3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
    4. Before Sunset (2004)
    5. Lost in Translation (2003)
    6. High Fidelity (2000)
    7. Waking Life (2001)
    8. The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)
    9. Adaptation. (2002)
    10. There Will Be Blood (2007)

  8. As per review was essentially 1000 words asking that same question, with no answer.