December 29, 2009

It's a good week on DVD if you like horror... the two best options are fright flicks. That's not to say that there aren't other options, but it's not a real wide selection this week. Let's get right into it, as my PICK OF THE WEEK is a big hit, a movie that goes by the name of:
Paranormal Activity
It may not be as good on a second viewing, but oh boy was it effective on the first viewing. This is one of the better horror films of the past few years and was deservedly a big hit. If you managed to miss it in theaters (and few did), now's your chance to check it out and see what all the fuss is about.
-Also out getting recommendation from me is the horror comedy Jennifer's Body and the documentary Facing Ali. The former is a misunderstood flick from the pen of Diablo Cody that will likely end up a cult favorite and play better on DVD. The latter is a potential Oscar nominee for best Documentary, and it's a solid look at the boxing legend.
-We also the animated film 9 and the thriller A Perfect Getaway out this week, but neither did much for me. They were far from bad, but they were simply mediocre, and that doesn't cut it, so unless you're pressed for entertainment, there are better options out there than these two flicks.
-My Vintage pick is, in honor of this week's release of The White Ribbon, another film by Michael Haneke. It's Funny Games, and either the original or U.S. remake will do, as they're both made by him and are essentially the same exact movie. It's an interesting movie that plays around with genre conventions, and I do highly recommend watching one or both of them.
-What will you be watching on DVD this week?


  1. what was your favorite/most watched DVD release of the year?

  2. Right now the dvd i've watched the most is Star Trek--BUT i just recently got Inglourious Basterds and (500) Days of Summer (which I finally saw and absolutely loved)for Christmas so that very well could change...

    How about you?

  3. Counting special features, I've watched Funny People on Blu Ray and Chasing Amy on Blu Ray the most. Just going by film, I've watched The Wrestler, Two Lovers, and The Go-Getter the most.

  4. I'm not sure how I feel about Paranormal Activity coming out on DVD on my birthday, that movie already gave me enough nightmares as it is and I keep having to check over my shoulder because of it.

    I just bought Inglourious Basterds and 500 Days of Summer and those are my most watched as i've seen them 3 times apiece already.

  5. I love that you recommended Funny Games, great film (Haneke is a genius), however, the version to watch it the original because English throws the film off I think. German allows the film to flow much better, the dialog is much more natural feeling (no I do not speak German). I also thought those slight visual changes are much more significant than people believe and make the original a much more significant and powerful piece (by the way I saw the American version first).

  6. Fair points, but I simply think that if someone is a fan of one of the actors or doesn't care for subtitles that not much is lost in translation, but that's just me...