March 7, 2010

My night at the Razzies!

Since you've already seen the list of this evening's "winners" (or losers rather) from the Razzie Awards, I thought I'd take a minute to give some accounts of the 30th annual ceremony overall, as I was in attendance last night.

- The show overall was one thrill after another, and getting into the show alone is well worth the cost of annual dues to be a voting Razzie member. The songs and presentations had a quirky and charming summer-camp-let's-put-on-a-show-right-here element, and they were augmented with photo and video clips from the past ceremonies. Many of the performers have been in the show for decades, with highlights including characters Lady Hoo-Ha and a drag queen Julia Child. The best part about about watching the show was that the performers were having a wonderful time onstage and that was contagious to the audience.

- The emcee for the evening was Bill A. Jones (recently seen as Rod Remington on "Glee") whose vocal dynamics and prowess added a wonderful dimension to the proceedings. He was truly a vital and enjoyable part of the ceremony and hopefully he'll be back next year.

- The first "winner" of the night to accept their award was J.D. Shapiro who accepted the Golden Raspberry won by "Battlefield Earth" for Worst Film of the Decade. Shapiro showcased his penchant for stand-up comedy by doing a bit that included him sharing negative reviews of the film (the worst of which was from his mother). He also used the opportunity to explain that much of his original script was removed from the film after it was rewritten by Corey Mandell, a writer who has no film credits since. Shapiro (whose credits also include the Mel Brooks film "Robin Hood: Men in Tights") was present for the entire ceremony, and stayed after to talk to the press at great length. For whatever reason, he appeared to have no hard feelings about the legacy of "Battlefield Earth" and enjoyed the evening immensely.

- The second "winner" of the night to accept was Sandra Bullock who won Worst Actress for "All About Steve". She was only in the building briefly (she was taking a break from a charity event hosted by Jeffery Katzenberg - the "K" of Dreamworks SKG) but her unique speech made an impact. Instead of going the Halle Berry route and agreeing the film was horrible, Bullock humorously defended the film, saying that since her character spends the film stalking Bradley Cooper's character they can't really be called an "on-screen couple" (in reference to another award the film won that night) and she didn't think anyone who voted for the Razzies had seen the movie. Bullock brought DVDs of the movie for everyone there and said that if after watching it the Razzie voters didn't think she still deserved the award, she would come back next year to give it back and then go out for drinks with the voters.

If you'd like to be there next year to see how this unfolds, please go to to see how you and your friends can easily and affordably become voting members.

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