March 4, 2010

Want to see that Preferential Ballot that we've all heard so much about?

Steve Pond has an interesting article here that details how ugly the race has gotten, but I mainly wanted to call everyone's attention to the new ballot system. Pond gets into the voting process in case anyone isn't sure, as well (essentially, you just fill in those bubbles with 1-10, according to your preference...hence the term "preferential ballot"). Thoughts?


  1. Not that anyone asked, but just for kicks, here's how I would rank my ballot, if I had one:

    1. Up in the Air (4 stars)
    2. The Hurt Locker (4 stars)
    3. Inglourious Basterds (4 stars)
    4. An Education (3 and a half stars)
    5. Up (3 and a half stars)
    6. Avatar (3 and a half stars)
    7. District 9 (3 and a half stars)
    8. The Blind Side (3 stars)
    9. Precious (3 stars)
    10. A Serious Man (2 and a half stars)

  2. Mine would probably be this way:
    1. Inglorious Basterds
    2. Up in the Air
    3. Avatar
    4. The Hurt Locker
    5. Up
    6. Precious
    7. An Education
    8. The Blind Side
    9. A Serious Man
    10. District 9