December 2, 2009

Behold the New Predictions on the Main Page!

Yes, it's December now, so time to see where we stand with the nominations. Start with Best Picture here and see what The Awards Circuit is predicting will do well come nomination time, and as always, let us know what we've done right and what we've done wrong.


  1. The Lovely Bones was destroyed, bias! Inglourious Basterds rises in all categories, good choices. Avatar added on best picture- hopefully. Thats looking more and more like our final line up, with Invictus still a question mark.

  2. I think as much as anything it has to do with Clayton not believing it'll gel with the Academy, in terms of The Lovely Bones...

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  4. I think Avatar is going to bomb. I am calling little to no oscar attention (maybe only in the effects).

  5. I also don't see Depp getting nominated. I think Jeremy Renner and Joseph Gorden Levitt have the best shot of being the mid year representative.

  6. My Predictions are pretty close.
    1. Up in the Air
    2. Precious
    3. Hurt Locker
    4. Nine
    5. Up
    6. Serious Man
    7. Inglorious Basterds
    8. (500) Days of Summer
    9. Invictus
    10. An Education

    **I like that you're predicting This Is It as a backup. It would be really cool if they nominated it, and though I don't think it will happen it would be a nice addition with the ten nominees.

  7. Golden Globe Predictions
    1. Precious
    2. Hurt Locker
    3. Inglorious Basterds
    4. Invictus
    5. A Serious Man

    1. Nine
    2. Up in the Air
    3. (500) Days of Summer
    4. Up
    5. Hangover or Funny People

    *I either The Hangover or Funny People will be nominated not both. Although they are both more than worthy. It will more likely be The Hangover, but they could surprise us. Unfortunately, I'll probably be wrong and they will go to Julie & Julia or The Informant which I found disappointing.

  8. I think we need to wait until The Lovely Bones is actually released and the rest of the embargos lift to really gauge where it stands. It's a bit too early to tell where the final four December releases stand because despite embargos being broken and somewhat lifted, there isn't enough evidence either way for any of them. I'm very much a subscriber to the philosophy that December releases are the hardest to predict come nominations time. Unless they consistent build huge buzz prior to the release, it is never really certain which ones will succeed. Gran Torino was a movie everyone expected to get nominations, especially for Best Actor for Clint Eastwood, but it got a so-so reaction from critics and the oscars. Hype can either lock in a movie or destroy it. It's a balancing act of making sure the hype doesn't overwhelm the film itself.

    For me, Precious was a victim of over-hype, and overall, outside of the performances, the film didn't really work for me as a whole film. I know I am in the huge minority on that one, but all the buzz and hyperbole surrounding it from critics made the language surrounding Slumdog Millionaire (they acted like it was the cure for cancer, and that's a better film than Precious by a country mile) look tepid by comparison. I just didn't really get into the film. Sure, it made me cry, like everyone else. But it felt like manipulative filmmaking to me and afterwards I just wanted to take a shower and never see the movie again. I felt filthy watching it. But again, I'm in the minority on this, so I imagine it will probably be yet another sweep year where one movie hogs all the attention and awards over more deserving and diverse films. But hell, no one knows anything, so we'll see. I just would rather have a more interesting awards season than last year, where The Dark Knight was the only wildcard film in the race. And to be honest, it was the only unpredictable and exciting aspect of last season. Everything else could have been seen a mile away. Let's shake things up a bit this year, shall we?

    Anywho, I'm ranting, so here are my predicted 10, in no particular order

    The Road
    The Hurt Locker
    Up in the Air
    The Lovely Bones
    A Serious Man
    An Education

  9. Our first hint will be the NBR winners...

  10. It will be great to see 500 Days of summer, which i think is the frontrunner in the original screeplay category. Hurt Locker was good but 500 is way ahead.

  11. I love the boldness of predicting Bigelow. She truly deserves it and it would make me incredibly happy!

  12. Bigelow has actually been one of the few contenders this season with unanimous praise and lasting buzz. Precious may seem like a front-runner for BP, but a lot of people have said that Lee Daniels' clunky direction was the weakest aspect of it, so I have my doubts on him even being nominated TBH. But Bigelow is actually the far and away front runner in BD this year from what I have seen.