December 1, 2009

It's a weak, well...week for DVD releases, but we press on anyway!

Like the title says, there's not much to get excited about here, but things could always be worse. The movie I chose as my PICK OF THE WEEK is solid, and only one film this week is outright awful, but it's just overall not a strong week. My top honors go to:
Paper Heart
This comedic mockumentary about love was just charming enough to work. Michael Cera plays himself in more ways than one here, but Charlyne Yi is the best thing in this film. It's not amazing, but it's solid entertainment for those looking for a simple film with some laughs in it.
-Also out this week that I think has some appeal is the French holiday drama A Christmas Tale and the action flick Terminator Salvation. Neither really was a big deal to me, but they're far from bad and both have their fans, so if you're among them, these are solid bets for you.
-This brings us to the cinematic abortion that is Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. To me, this is one of the 5 worst films of the year right now and I really don't see how anyone could possibly like it. I have no intention of ever seeing it again, but if you somehow enjoyed it, buy it and have fun.
-My Vintage pick this week is, in honor of the release of Up in the Air, both of Jason Reitman's previous films. They are Thank You For Smoking and Juno. I adore both of these films, and if you haven't seen them, give them a shot and you'll likely agree with me (despite the backlash that the latter film suffered).
-What will you be watching on DVD this week?


  1. As I look at it, any DVD release week is better than no DVD release week...

  2. Very true. As far as I'm concerned, Terminator Salvation was a pretty strong entry in the Terminator franchise that mostly caught negative response due to the lack of Arnold and Bale's flip-out on set, as well as the rep of McG. But in retrospective, McG and his crew are all a bunch of douchenozzles, so I personally think Bale was justified. I mean, all he did was cuss up a storm. Bill Murray actually got in a fist fight with McG on the set of Charlie's Angels and HEADBUTTED him. Cussing suddenly doesn't seem so bad.

    Bottom line, it was a good action flick and better than Terminator 3 by a mile. It has its flaws, liek a few logic gaps and questionable narrative choices. But it was really entertaining nonetheless and featured a breakout performance for Sam Worthington. So yeah, I'll be picking the blu-ray up.

    Paper Heart, in all honesty, was one of the worst movies I saw this year. I hated it. Everything about it just rubbed me the wrong way. Not sure how detailed I can get, but it basically made me cringe the whole time.

    Definitely better off going to the theatre this week. The Road and Up in The Air are both worth the ticket price.

  3. Fair points...also consider Everybody's Fine

  4. Fair points...also consider Everybody's Fine

  5. Personally, I thought that "Terminator Salvation" was the worst entry into the Terminator franchise. It may have been well made, but none of the production values cut it when the action and many of the performances were either sub-par or plainly bad. I also couldn't stop laughing when Bale yelled at the kid...