December 4, 2009

Steven Spielberg steps away from a certain giant rabbit... in, he's not going to be remaking 'Harvey'. From Variety:

Steven Spielberg has officially withdrawn from "Harvey." He spent the past half year developing the picture, which was to be his first directing vehicle for the reconstituted DreamWorks.

Spielberg delivered the news this week to 20th Century Fox, which had earmarked soundstages on the Fox lot in anticipation of an early 2010 production start. One of the biggest challenges has been setting a star to play Elwood P. Dowd, the character played by James Stewart in the 1950 film.

Spielberg's first choice was Tom Hanks, but the actor wanted no part of taking over a role played by the iconic star.



  1. good news if you ask me, Im sure it would have been good, its Speilberg after all, but I just really want to see Lincoln get made

  2. indeed on both counts, and Interstellar too...

  3. Hopefully he won't waste his time on something else and finally make "Lincoln". I mean, considering how long it's been since he's made a film (I don't count "Indy 4" as a film) he should really make up for everything (including "Indy 4") with something like "Lincoln".

  4. he should have just asked me to do it after Hanks turned it down.


    But, yea, I'm ready for LINCOLN too. It's been a while since a good Spielberg flick.