March 5, 2010

Final Oscar predictions, a Preview of tonight's Spirit Awards, and the next in the Will Win/Should Win series!

Yes, it's a busy day at The Awards Circuit. We start off with our fearless leader Clayton's final Oscar predictions. Kick it off with Best Picture here and check them all out! (We've also updated the staff chart predictions here, so see how we all forsee the night going on Sunday!)
Tonight is the last awards show (not counting the Razzies) before the Oscars, and it's the Independent Spirit Awards. To get a sense of how the night might play out, and what, if anything, this means for the Academy Awards on Sunday, check out the article here. Be sure to let us know what you think!
We also have the next in the series of Who Will Win/Should Win articles on the Oscars. Check it out here and tell us what you think!
Finally, there's more American Idol commentary to be found here, so take a look and stay abreast of the happenings on the show!
-Thoughts on all the updates?


  1. Also, look for a live blog of the Spirit Awards later on tonight...

  2. Meryl will win next time??! Don't be ridiculous!
    As if she won after the Adaptation loss or The Devil Wears Prada loss.... And last year everyone was saying: NEXT TIME! Really? This year Meryl got so many critics' awards, including the New York Film Critics Circle (!) and what... she is going to lose to one of Hollywood's most talentess actors?! To somebody who was never expected to be a winner?! You know what: if Meryl loses this time around, when it was her year, she will never really will! There will always be an alternative! If Bullock could be a 'good' enough alternative.... And it's a shame! And thanks to you pundits for pushing Bullock all season long! And yes, I do blame you!

  3. How did "we" push Bullock all season long? By reporting her precursor wins, as we did for Streep too?

  4. Pundits in general. I don't mean your site, but on other sites there were a ton of Sandra Bullock articles all season long and Meryl's articles came all after the Feb.2nd date.

    Then again, it's kind of surprising that you call Carey Mulligan the critics' darling, even though she won a lot of critics' awards, but you don't call Meryl the critics' darling despite of her winning a ton of minor critics' groups and unlike Mulligan, she won a major one - the NYFCC (!), which is the oldest and most powerful critics' group in the US. But no mention! So it will be next time until next time comes...

  5. Well, I think you have things mixed up a bit, since Streep got buzz from when her film first came out in August and Bullock only really got a mention after her film opened in late November.

    As for Mulligan, she was the critics darling in the sense that she was who all the critics were mentioning out of Sundance and until the season started.

    It's all a matter of perspective and taste I suppose, and you're entitled to feel any way you want about Meryl Streep...

  6. Until the season started, yes. But from then on, it was Meryl, who got the huge boost from critics. And she still does. (And I didn't see the critical acclaim factor for Streep mentioned on your site, especially the NYFCC.)

    I hope you're all happy about Bullock, but don't b****t people with the 'next time' thing. It got old.


    That's our precursor page, where her win there is clearly marked. It was also reported on the blog, so you simply didn't see it. It was there though.

    It's not about being happy or sad, we report on who will win, not who we want to. Simple as that...