March 5, 2010

IFC makes the case for The Blind Side over Precious...

...and while I agree with a lot of the points the article makes about both films, I'm not 100% sure I buy it. I have more issues with Precious than I do with The Blind Side, but perhaps the author is reading into things a little too much. The IFC article is found here, so take a gander and judge for yourself.
-Where do you come down on the debate?


  1. If nothing else, it's an interesting and different way to look at things...

  2. he has a point, especially when all the comments so far has been one sided on precious vs the blind side, but again everybody has a different point. I could agree with some of the arguments but not all of them

  3. Precious was my favorite movie last year, and I admire it for the simple acknowledgement that despite the horrors that go on, I was continually drawn in because of the great performances and the writing. That's just a personal preference and I know not everyone agrees.

    It's interesting that The Blind Side wasn't quite as bad as the trailers made it out to be; in fact, I think the movie starts out quite strong being placed directly into the life of this young man, but the problem is that the film shifts focus to Bullock, and we then see how his actions affect everyone else. In that event, the film actually becomes mediocre not because of an emphasis on white liberal guilt but just because of poor storytelling.

    Anyway, that's just my two cents.

  4. And Josh, I'd argue that both have storytelling/script issues and their quality is in their acting mostly, but that's just me.