December 2, 2009

Take a gander at our NBR Predictions article on the Main Page!

With tomorrow's National Board of Review announcement looming large, prepare yourself for what they may or may not say with the fourth and final article in our NBR series. It can be found here (along with all of the others) and is an excellent read.
Also, consider this a potential open thread for your own NBR predix!
-Thoughts on the article and what the National Board of Review might do tomorrow?

1 comment:

  1. My own humble attempt at predictions would be the following:

    Best Picture- Up in the Air

    Best Director- Kathryn Bigelow

    Best Actor- George Clooney

    Best Actress- Carey Mulligan

    Best Supporting Actor- Christoph Waltz

    Best Supporting Actress- Vera Farmiga

    Best Original Screenplay- The Hurt Locker

    Best Adapted Screenplay- Up in the Air

    Best Documentary- The Cove

    Best Ensemble- Nine

    Breakthrough Actor- Ben Foster

    Breakthrough Actress- Michelle Monaghan

    Best Directorial Debut- Tom Ford

    Best Animated Feature- Up

    Top Five Documentaries:
    1. The Cove
    2. It Might Get Loud
    3. Capitalism: A Love Story
    4. Food, Inc.
    5. Facing Ali

    Top Ten Films:
    1. Up in the Air
    2. The Hurt Locker
    3. Nine
    4. An Education
    5. Precious
    6. The Last Station
    7. Invictus
    8. (500) Days of Summer
    9. Bright Star
    10. Funny People